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Managing wellness challenges can be overwhelming. Wellable makes it easy.

With dozens of connected apps and devices, Wellable allows your employees to engage in wellness on their terms. Whether you want to run a step challenge, a healthy eating campaign, or a mindfulness series, our platform can accommondate your needs.  Employees pick the apps and devices that make the most sense for their lifestyle, connect them to Wellable, and watch them automatically sync with their accounts. 


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Direct App And Device Integrations

Direct integration with all leading consumer wellness apps and wearable devices

Customizable And Configurable Platform

Unique wellness experiences that address the specific needs and objectives of any organization

Dedicated Account Management

White-glove service that enables organizations to build exceptional wellness programs with minimal work

Affordable And Flexible Pricing

Pricing that fits organizations of all sizes and types

What our clients say

Wellable has been great for a company trying to start a wellness program! Everyone on the team at Wellable has been great – so happy to have made the move over to Wellable.

Mimecast Boston

As a small and growing company, our people are our most important asset. Keeping them healthy, engaged, and productive is critical to our business. Wellable gave us the tools and guidance we needed to build our culture of wellness.

Townsquared San Francisco

The employees enjoyed all the aspects that Wellable brought to the work environment. The dashboard, mobile apps, and reports encouraged participation across all our global offices.

Veson Nautical International

Our employees are thrilled with the fitness classes we sponsor… If you don’t currently run a Wellness Program you should look into the [Wellable] offerings, you won’t be disappointed!

Acceleron Pharma Cambridge

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