Webinar: Email Marketing Best Practices For Your Wellness Program

How To Optimize Wellness Campaign Emails To Boost Participation and Engagement
Presenter: Ashley Hopkins
Moderator: Ara Josefsson
Availability: On Demand
Length: 45 minutes
Employers constantly struggle with internal marketing for their wellness programs.  The reality is that lack of benefit awareness is limiting participation in wellness programs.  Human resource teams and wellness committees spend countless hours planning and preparing activities, but end up with lackluster participation due to sub-optimal communications.
If you think that mastering the art of email communication is only for marketers, think again. For most employers, communication for wellness programs by and large happens via email, but not all emails are created equal.  A well-crafted and well-planned email campaign can determine your wellness program’s success, which is why employers should implement the best practices and techniques from professional marketers when promoting their programs.
Tune into this free webinar to learn how to use email communications to enable and empower participants, not turn them off.  The webinar will discuss planning, formatting, and copywriting tips on writing concise, aesthetically attractive, and logically formatted emails.  You will also learn about ways to measures communication success and how to improve performance based on these metrics.  By the end of the webinar, you will walk away with a better understanding of what makes an open- and click-worthy email!
Who Should Watch This Webinar?
Employers, consultants, and health plans struggling with attracting and engaging participants in wellness programs.

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Ashley Hopkins, RD, LDN is the Director of Wellness Program Success at Wellable, a provider of leading technology solutions and health content that helps employers establish successful employee wellness programs that align with company culture, values, and business goals.

Ashley is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian with experiences spanning clinical nutrition, healthcare sales and marketing, and account strategy and management.  Focused on helping employers drive a culture of wellness and improve employee health, she currently leads Wellable's Account Management team to ensure successful client relations and the design and delivery of engaging wellness programs and communication strategies.

Prior to Wellable, Ashley counseled patients in a variety of clinical settings and delivered in-hospital education and training as a Regional Clinical Specialist at Abbott Nutrition, a global healthcare company that delivers nutrition products across the lifespan.  She most recently broadened her nutrition experience working in the marketing and advertising industry on the client services team at Mechanica, a creative agency and branding firm with a customer-first focus.

Moderator's Bio

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Ara Josefsson is a marketing and business development specialist at Wellable.

Prior to working at Wellable, Ara was an ACSM certified personal trainer at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. While working as a personal trainer for 6 years, Ara continued self-education initiatives in health and nutrition by attending professional seminars, taking additional ACSM classes, and consuming research journals on a daily basis.

At Wellable, Ara leverages his knowledge and passion for fitness by consulting with clients on their fitness initiatives along with his marketing and business development duties. He has consulted with numerous startups in the fitness and wellness industries, and holds a Masters in International Management and a Bachelors in International Business from Northeastern University.