Webinar: The Perfect Employee Experience - How Wellness Programs Fit Into The Big Picture

Presenter: Nick Patel
Moderator: Ara Josefsson
Availability: On-Demand
Length: 45 minutes
Employee wellness is the goal; employee experience is the execution.
Jacob Morgan interviewed 150 psychologists, economists, and business leaders around the world and analyzed more than 250 diverse organizations to determine the impact employee experience has on the success of companies. Based on those conversations and analyses, he identified three environments that matter most to employees: cultural, technological, and physical. Only 6% of the companies were investing heavily in all three — and those “experiential organizations” (Adobe, Accenture, Facebook, Microsoft, and others) saw performance gains that make a strong financial case for investing in employee experience. 
So what does investing in employee wellness experience really mean? First, it involves thinking long-term, so pop-up engagement programs do not work. They temporarily and unsustainably increase engagement.  Morgan suggests companies invest in long-term cultural, technological, and physical improvements for employees. 
This webinar uses Morgan’s research to create an Employee Wellness Experience Framework to demonstrate that wellness programs shouldn’t be just a one-time step challenge or onsite fitness class and goes far beyond offering free snacks options. Instead, experiential organizations use strategic solutions that consistently address all three environments of employee wellness experience.  We will discuss the importance of each environment and what employers can do to make incremental improvements that will sustain over time. 
Who Should Watch This Webinar?
Employers, consultants, and health plans looking for a concrete framework that facilitates sustainable improvement in employee health, productivity, and engagement over time.

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What you will learn


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Nick Patel is the Founder and President of Wellable, a wellness technology platform that enables employers to run fun and engaging health and wellness challenges through an ecosystem of consumer technologies they already know and love, such as Fitbit, RunKeeper, Strava, Apple Health, and more.

Prior to Wellable, Nick worked at TriZetto, a leading healthcare technology company offering software solutions to health plans and providers, and served as Director of Strategy, reporting directly to one of the executives of the firm. Nick also worked at Harris Williams and Morgan Keegan as an investment banking Analyst and Associate, advising on mergers and acquisitions and capital raises for healthcare and technology companies.  He is also an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s School of Medicine & Health Sciences. 

Moderator's Bio

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Ara Josefsson is a marketing and business development specialist at Wellable.

Prior to working at Wellable, Ara was an ACSM certified personal trainer at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. While working as a personal trainer for 6 years, Ara continued self-education initiatives in health and nutrition by attending professional seminars, taking additional ACSM classes, and consuming research journals on a daily basis.

At Wellable, Ara leverages his knowledge and passion for fitness by consulting with clients on their fitness initiatives along with his marketing and business development duties. He has consulted with numerous startups in the fitness and wellness industries, and holds a Masters in International Management and a Bachelors in International Business from Northeastern University.