Webinar: Coachify Your Conversations:

Seven Tips To Rich One-On-One Chats


Presenter: Kristin Sokol
Moderator: Brighid Courtney
Availability: On-Demand
Length: 45 minutes
Difficult work-related discussions are a common complaint among employees and lead to stress, attrition, and lower productivity. Simple coaching strategies can significantly improve workplace conversations and reboot colleague relationships quickly.  Join this webinar to boost your one-on-one conversations, empower your management style, and coachify your workplace relationships with seven coach-like conversation game changers. 
Learn seven specific tips to coachify your next managerial conversation. Executive Coach, Kristin Sokol, will share effective ideas to improve your next employee chat. You’ll be stunned by your ability to get employees to say more about their thoughts, to work with them in creating new awareness, and to help them get unstuck from “problem” talk.  
When you coachify your conversations and leadership style, all parties move toward future-focused thinking, envisioning preferred outcomes. This shift creates less stress, increases positive productivity, and reduces friction between managers and employees.
Who Should Watch This Webinar?
Employers, Consultants, HR Directors/Managers, or anyone in a leadership role who wishes to improve their communication and conversation strategies.

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What you will learn


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Kristin Sokol is an optimist and a conversationalist. She’s made a career as a people-person using her soft skills to make the world a better place, one conversation at a time.

Kristin holds a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Weber State University and has completed graduate work at the University of Texas in Professional and Executive Coaching. She’s built a successful business as a one-on-one professional coach and facilitating corporate trainings centered around Thought Management, Personal Communication, and Coaching Strategies.

Kristin is a highly-rated coach and entertaining presenter who delivers memorable, practical ideas that make a positive impact.

Moderator's Bio

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Ara Josefsson is a marketing and business development specialist at Wellable.

Prior to working at Wellable, Ara was an ACSM certified personal trainer at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. While working as a personal trainer for 6 years, Ara continued self-education initiatives in health and nutrition by attending professional seminars, taking additional ACSM classes, and consuming research journals on a daily basis.

At Wellable, Ara leverages his knowledge and passion for fitness by consulting with clients on their fitness initiatives along with his marketing and business development duties. He has consulted with numerous startups in the fitness and wellness industries, and holds a Masters in International Management and a Bachelors in International Business from Northeastern University.