Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Planning great Health Fairs

Everything you need to know to host a health fair at your organization

A health fair is a wellness event for employees to receive educational resources and learn about opportunities to improve their personal health and well-being. 

If executed properly, health fairs have the potential to engage a significant portion of an employee base, increase awareness on health-related topics and employee benefits, and kickoff other programs, such as a year-round wellness program. 

The good news is that health fairs don’t need to be expensive or difficult to plan.  Download and use this guide to help you plan and execute upon your organization’s health fair with internal resources.

What you're getting:

  • Step-by-step guide to walk you through the planning and execution process
  • List of free and paid (but still affordable) vendors you can use to host a table at your event
  • Ways to evaluate the health fair to ensure it delivers on your goals and objectives

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